June 30, 2022
1470 deaths in the world corona, identified 6 lakh 20 thousand

1470 deaths in the world corona, identified 6 lakh 20 thousand

Another 1,460 people have died from coronavirus (Covid-19) in the last 24 hours worldwide. At the same time, 6 lakh 20 thousand 814 new corona patients have been identified. More than 6 lakh 56 thousand people have recovered.

The data was obtained from the World Statistics website, an international statistics website, on Wednesday (May 25) morning.

According to the World Meter, 83 lakh three thousand 417 people have died in Corona so far around the world. And a total of 52 crores 8 lakh 69 thousand 222 people have been identified. In total, more than 49 crores 91 lakh people have recovered.

The United States ranks first in terms of casualties in the epidemic, which began in late 2019. In the last one day in the country, 65 thousand and so far a total of 8 crores 52 lakh 41 thousand coronae has been identified. At the same time, 324 people and a total of 10 lakh 29 thousand 524 people died.

India, which is in the second place in the list, has so far identified 4 crores 31 lakh 41 thousand 200 people and 5 lakh 24 thousand 490 people have died.


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About a year after the onset of the epidemic, scientists were able to discover the vaccine. Since then the corona wave has come down a lot. Currently, different countries of the world are emphasizing booster doses of Corona Ticker. Much of the corona outbreak has returned to normal. In some parts of China, and nowhere in the world except North Korea, there are strict coronary sanctions.