June 30, 2022
813 girls were raped between January and August of this year

silhouette of a girl against a beautiful sunset

ED: There is no excuse

813 girls were raped between January and August of this year

The widespread rape of and sexual violence across the country speak to some of the fundamental ways in which our justice system and society function, allowing for such heinous acts to continue unabated, year after year.

According to the National Girl Child Advocacy Forum, 813 girls were raped between January and August of this year, with 110 among them subject to gang rape. 79 of the victims were of special needs.

While cases have been filed, none have yet to be sentenced or brought to justice in this regard.

But this should come as no surprise, considering the myriad ways in which women and girls are subjected to dehumanization, whether it be in the streets or in their own homes, with a narrative that excuses misogynistic and abusive viewpoints and shifts the blame on the victims of some of the worst acts of violence that exist.


In addition, to say that law enforcement and our justice system have been incompetent in bringing justice to these crimes or at least holding those that commit these crimes accountable would be far too kind — it is simply inexcusable that they have continued to sit idly by as girl child after girl child is violated and nothing is done to change the status quo.

In fact, our developmental journey, whatever economic progress we have made over the past decade, is made redundant when we have failed to do something as basic as upholding the rights and creating safe spaces for children and for girls specifically.

The government needs to come down hard not only on perpetrators of these crimes, but on law enforcement officials and the members of the judiciary who continue to allow such blatant impunity to rule our courts.