June 28, 2022
destroyed by British troops, the UK revealed Thursday.

UK reveals it shot down drone over Syria’s Al-Tanf housing US troops

The drone shot down over a military base housing US troops in Syria this week was destroyed by British troops, the UK revealed Thursday.

On Monday, it was reported that two drones had targeted the Al-Tanf base. But reports suggested that one drone had turned away after Coalition forces destroyed the first.

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US troops are housed at the base, which has been targeted on multiple occasions before by ISIS militants and Iran-backed militias.

The UK’s Defense Ministry said drone activity was detected above the Al-Tanf base, and as the drone continued on its track, “it became clear it posed a threat to Coalition forces.”

“This unprecedented event was the first operational air-to-air engagement conducted by an RAF Typhoon, and also the first RAF air-to-air missile firing during Operation SHADER – the UK’s contribution to the Global Coalition against Daesh,” a statement from the ministry read.

For his part, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the strike was an “impressive demonstration” of the Royal Air Force’s ability to take out hostile targets that pose a threat.

“We continue to do everything we can alongside our Coalition partners to stamp out the terrorist threat and protect our personnel and our partners,” Wallace said.

Thursday’s statement noted that the downed drone came several weeks after the RAF “successfully eliminated a known terrorist threat in Syria using a remotely piloted Reaper armed with Hellfire missiles.”

“Daesh is still a threat,” the British Defense Ministry said. “The UK remains firmly committed to working with our Coalition partners and the Iraqi Security Forces on further degrading the terrorist group.”